We communicate through stories - anecdotes, tall tales, jokes and parables as well as tweets, blogs, e-newsletters and home pages.  Formally put, I'm a content development consultant, but my talent is telling stories that matter, to build relationships and engage with people through words and pictures.  I'd like to work with people to tell their stories and build their relationships.

My business "The Write Profile" is brand new, but I've got experience in PR, comms, media and journalism going back 25 years.  I've worked as a press officer, content officer and editorial manager for several charities, as well as in education and volunteer development.

My passion is football for development and I have set up a network of grassroots teams in Liberia (West Africa) to promote education and peace-building at grassroots level.  I'm writing a book about it in the odd spare moment that I get.

These strange times are an opportunity to try new things, so I want to get to know people in this area, in this network.  I think there is an opportunity to create something new in this area, built on the many talents we have that maybe we don't always talk about.  I'm not sure what it is yet, but I'm happy to chat and see what comes out of the conversation.

I'm from Consett and I'm proud to be back here.


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