Hello my lovelies! Here is a little offering from me. Tayloredfit Physio, owned by myself, Vicky Smith and my husband Mark, is a physio, health and wellness centre, based in Langley Park on the outskirts of Durham.

It has grown over the past 2 years and is a busy hub of 24 practitioners providing physio, pilates, massage, aerial yoga and a huge range of treatments and services.  Or should I say was.

Like many businesses, our physical doors have been closed since the 23rd March due to covid 19.  However, we have completely turned our business online.  In spite of having to furlough 3 receptionists and my husband, at the beginning of lockdown, I launched online physio appointments and 5 different pilates packages.  Whilst our revenue stream is still significantly down, we are still able to help people but in a different way.  Whilst we are planning the phased re-opening of the chapel, we have decided that we will continue our online offerings – they are popular and many people are accessing us who would not have been able to come to our classes – either because of where they live or due to time/work constraints.  We either have to evolve in this pandemic or risk losing everything.  The support and positive feedback has been so helpful and enabled me to stay really positive (bear in mind we have 4 children at home to home school also, which has been challenging too!!).  To find out more about our online services, head to our website.

Many thanks, Vicky x


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