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We're here to help you to "get your head around" where your business is going.  Simply drop us a line at connect@dobusinessnetwork.com to book your meeting with us on Zoom and we will take you through some future business planning and help to create an action plan for your business.  It's completely confidential.  And if you need extra support with a specific issue, we'll put you in touch with other DBN members for expert advice.

Coming in June: Virtual Visual Marketing with Ann English and Gillian Fortune

Whether your business is operating online or in the high street, visual marketing is key to attracting and winning customers and improving your sales performance.  With support from Business Durham DBOP Programme, Ann and Gillian (a dream team if ever there was!) will be delivering a series of four online workshops to create real business growth for members of DBN.  The workshops will cover: developing display, design and communication skills to confidently present brand, products, services, and most importantly themselves.  The workshops will help our members to attract attention and engage with customers and prospects, both in person and virtually online, resulting in increased sales.

You can pre-register your interest by emailing us here: connect@dobusinessnetwork.com