A big thank you to Kimberley Ivory who has prepared a thorough overview of furloughing.

With over 80 downloads last week, we're keeping the guide to furloughing by Kimberley, HR Director at Transitional HR Ltd in this week's update for people who still want to download it. The PDF document is attached below to download for reference.

If you have any queries not covered in the guide or would like to discuss this or any other matter in more detail then please contact: Kimberley Ivory, HR Director – Transitional HR Ltd. tel: 07429 452 205 email: kim@transitionalhr.co.uk

The guide covers:

  • What is furloughing?
  • What if my employee(s) does not agree to be furloughed?
  • Do I need to put anything in writing?
  • Can my employee(s) work while they are furloughed?
  • Can my employee(s) work for anyone else while they are furloughed from my company?
  • How long can I furlough my employee(s) for?
  • Can my employee(s) take holiday while I have furloughed them?
  • Can my employee(s) be off sick whilst furloughed?
  • Do I have to furlough all my employees, or can I choose just a few?
  • What about rights and entitlements?
  • Am I obliged to put an employee back on my payroll who has resigned recently?
  • Is there a limit and is the value gross or net?
  • Do I have to reduce a furloughed employees wage to 80%?


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