Suzanne Milbourne has been in touch with a special offer to health workers.

"I'll see any NHS frontline worker for one hour free via video link if they are struggling with anything related to coronavirus.  This might include things like their fear or anxiety about becoming ill, they may be experiencing trauma as a result of the work they do or they may be experiencing burn out. They may just want to talk.

"My work includes, relaxation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and other approaches to wellbeing and any of these may be used with their agreement to help them cope in these difficult times.  So long as they work directly with coronavirus they will qualify for a free hour.  All they need to do at the start of session is show their NHS ID badge.  This is my way of serving the country as best I can during this very difficult time".

Our health workers are under incredible pressure at present and are doing an amazing job.  Thanks for using your skills to help them Suzanne.  If you know of any health workers who need some extra support, please put them in touch with Suzanne. Please click here to visit her website.


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