Nathalie Paris, from Nattalingo, has quite a sad announcement to make: in February, after 5 joyous years, she had to say “au revoir” to her amazing languages mobile library bus. It was a difficult decision to make, but it had lost her a lot of money in 2019… Imagine, in the current situation, if she had kept it and it was just sitting there losing some more!

The good news is that she had been getting more and more work supporting the teaching of French in primary schools with regular teaching, staff training, storytelling… even football skills in French! At the moment she is, like many of us, unable to work, but still she keeps going: she records a video daily, a French challenge for children at home; she also prepares weekly schedules of French lessons that can be done at home. It makes her feel like she is still working, indirectly, with the children whose company she is missing so much.

Are you looking for ideas to keep your children busy?  Do you want them to learn French?

Then Nathalie Paris can help: she is offering FREE daily French challenge videos and weekly schedules of French lessons!  Check out her website for more information.


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