JCA Consult Ltd works with your organisation to deliver a reasonable, achievable, and believable combination of longterm strategic planning and practical quick-win operational measures to create sustainable organisational wellbeing.

Using their own framework they work with you and your people to revisit the very infrastructure of your organisation to test core values and tailor behaviour assumptions. The effect is immediate: people feel 'heard',  relevant, and more open to growth.  The resulting cultural shift is authentic and unique to your organisation giving everyone a genuine reason to be there.   

It's important that people know why they are coming to work, that they know they are valued and understand why they are valued, what they contribute. Otherwise, this part of their life can become meaningless. And it's a big part!

Jane Anderson PhD has sent us a collection of her 'wellbeing' blogs written from personal experiences.  Find out more about Janes services at https://www.jcaconsult.co.uk/

No Nonsense Stress Busting Sessions for Busy People

Gillian Fortune has become a Go-To expert in helping people to tackle stress - and boy does she know her stuff!

With years of experience as a specialist trainer in stress management, resilience-building and emotional wellbeing, she designed Stress Express for three reasons:

  • Because practical action is the way to tackle stress
  • You don't want to have to 'think' when stressed
  • You want to feel in control, in that moment of stress

Stress Express delivers that!

Gillian has created four special videos especially for DBN wellbeing month. In each video she imparts practical advice to help cope with stressful situations.  Gillian offers 'Stress Express' courses for busy people and for the workplace. Fore more information visit Gillian's website https://www.feelgoodcic.com/ 


Dates for your diary for 2020

Wednesday, 13th May (10:00 a.m. start)  Our next DBN get-together is on Wednesday, 13th May at 10 a.m. and we'd love to see you there.  We'll be sharing lots of business news and information and giving our members an opportunity to deliver training and workshops with local businesses.  We also encourage everyone to have fun at our meetings.  A big germ-free virtual hug to all our friends across the DBN community and we look forward to you joining us on Wednesday.  If you need the link for the Zoom meeting, please drop us an email at connect@dobusinessnetwork.com

Tuesday, 21st January (08:30 start) - Black Horse Beamish, Red Row, Beamish, County Durham, DH9 0RW

Tuesday, 18th February (08:30 start) - The Owl & Otter, Dipton, NE16 6BA (Lintz Lane, just off the A692)

Wednesday, 29th April (10:00 start) - Zooming with DBN!  Grab yourself a cuppa and zoom with other DBN members.  Dressing up is optional - a cuppa and biscuits are however essential!  Any member who needs a reminder of the Zoom hyperlink, please drop us an email to connect@dobusinessnetwork.com and we'll send it over.


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